Tracking Hire Bikes with a GPS Locator

Wed, Mar 28, 2018

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Tracking a bike means we can be there on your return or find you if things go wrong.

Tracking Hire Bikes with a GPS Locator

Sometimes, with your permission, we’ll attach a GPS tracking device to your bike. This serves two purposes. We can use it to get an alert when you are within a certain range of the location where you’ll be returning the bike, so we can be there to meet you. But also, it means that in the event of a problem with one of the bikes, (or the riders) we can easily find you.

The tracking device is a small box that fits under the saddle of the bike and uses GPS to record your location and the cellular phone network to transmit that location, we then use a smartphone app to display a map of your location and to send us a notification of your return.

It’s possible you could be without a cellular signal on parts of your ride, in which case we will only know your last recorded location, but typically that won’t be too far from where you actually are.